Saturday, October 27, 2007

...And Justice for All Era : James Hetfield's Equipments


Olympic White ESP Custom #1

Short description:
Set Neck, Rosewood Fretboard, Black Hardware
Inlays: Middle Fingers
EMG 60/81
Controls: 1 Volume, 1 Tone
Refferred to as the "EET FUK" Guitar. Favorite road guitar used by James. Can be seen: "Live Shit: Seattle" - most songs. Only used live: "...And Justice For All" gigs. The EET FUK Explorer was autographed by him and now resides at "House of Guitars" (641 Titus Ave. Rocester, NY) the place where the "Kill 'Em All" album was recorded.

Olympic White ESP Stock #2
description: Rosewood Fretboard, Black Hardware.
Inlays: Dots
EMG 60/81
1 Volume, 1 Tone
Seen With "So Fucking What" Written on the rear horn and "Mud flap woman" on lower horn. Hetfield's main recording guitar for the "Metallica" and "Load" album. Can be seen: "A Year and a Half..." and "Nothing Else Matters" video.

Satin Black/Purple Esp Custom Explorer

Short description:
Set Neck, Ebony Fretboard, Black Hardware. LA Raiders sticker between the pickups and a FUK EM UP sticker on the body.
Pickups: EMG 81/60
1 Volume, 1 Tone
Used in the later part of the Justice Tour, and some of 1990. And It actually is a Purple tinted guitar. Can be seen: "Live Shit: Seattle" - ("The Thing That Should Not Be"). Last time used live: "... And Justice For All" gigs or possibly "Black Album" gigs.
Replacement 100 watt Marshall Heads that were later modified - Replaced after searching 2 continents for the amp that was stolen before a gig in Boston on a cold night of January. It was James' First Amp. Marshall 4x12 Cabinet James found his love for Mesa Boogie Products Due to the popularity of Marshalls and Tryed Mesas after his Marshall was stolen
Mesa Boogie Mk IIC+
- Responsible for a major part of the sound in this. Mesa Boogie Quad Preamp Marshall JCM 800 Marshall JMP Heads Marshall 4x12 with 65 watt speakers Mesa Boogie Heads slaved into Marshalls Marshall 4x12 Cabinets


Dunlop Green Tortex .88 mm
Effects and Other Stuff:
Ibanez Tube Screamer- used as an overdrive/distortion pedal. - James didn't use this often, Pretty much never again after 1984.
Boss Flanger Pedal
Boss Tuner
Rocktron Compressor/Limiter/Hush - Used on the mics for reducing background noise, making vocals alive and real. Also can be used to balance out Instrument feedback and such. Only mono.
ADA 2FX Multi Effects Processo - A popularly used 80's Rack mount product. With 3 separate purposes Flanger (4 Nobs), Chorus (2 Nobs), And a Delay of 1 second maximum (4 Nobs)

Ibanez UE400 Multi-F - Just guitar effects
Furman PQ4 parametric E - Good for boosting EQ and fine tuning guitar tones.

Olympic White ESP Custom #1, Olympic White ESP Stock #2, ESP Stock #2 Custom Explorer